Replacement Factory Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob with FCC ID L2C0007T for 2004 Buick Rendezvous

A visitor to our site asked if we could send him a pre-programmed remote control keyfob for his 2004 Buick Rendezvous. Here is our response:

No one can send you a remote that is pre-programmed for the simple reason that programming is something one does to the receiver in the vehicle, not to the remote. However, the factory keyless entry systems installed on 2004 Rendezvous vehicles are user-programmable, so you will be able to complete the programming process without going to a dealer or locksmith.

The correct remote for your vehicle is our part 574-1574. Here is a link to see and order the part:

Programming instructions and free phone technical support are included with purchase.

Also, if you are looking for a lower cost part, we have both refurbished OE parts and good condition B-grade (used) parts available at a price well below the new-part price of $67.00. (Refurbished or used parts are what most of the other online sellers are shipping anyway, even if they do not tell you that.) We do not sell these on our website, so if you are interested, please call our call center at 877-719-1900. Select option 2 to get to our sales department, then ask if you can speak with Lawren or Joel. I am going to cc them on this email so they know about your situation. I do not know the precise pricing of our refurbished and B-grade parts buy I believe we may have B-grade available for about $25 and refurbished for $39 or so.

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