Replacement Factory Keyless Entry Remote Transmitters for Nissan 3-button Key Fobs with FCC ID KBRASTU10

A site visitor wrote to our blog asking about a replacement remote for his 3-button Nissan remote keyfob with FCC ID KBRASTU10. Unfortunately, the KBRASTU10 remotes were a poor design and pose a lot of confusion for customers trying to buy the correct replacement remote. There are three different parts (models). Only one of these has a replacement remote that is different and better made than the original KBRASTU10 part. In order to know which remote one has, you have to look on the back of your original remote.

If your original part shows a Nissan part number ending in 2W602 and no model number, then it is no longer made and Nissan dealers are very unlikely to have it in stock. Remotes Unlimited does not have any in inventory at this time.

If your original part shows a part number ending in 2W601 or 5W505 and model /A on the back, it is our part 720-1720. We do have both new and used 720-1720 remotes in stock. If you want to try buying a used replacement part to see if it operates better than your current remote, you will need to call us (at 281-820-0300) because we do not sell the used part on our website.

If your original remote shows a part number ending in 7Z460 or model /01A on the back, it is our part 501-1501. That part can be replaced by a newer replacement remote, which is our part 503-1503.

All vehicles that originally used a KBRASTU10 remote can be programmed by the user to accept a new transmitter.

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