Replacement Infra-Red Keyless Entry Remote Transmitter for 1996 Jeep Cherokee

1996 Jeep Cherokee vehicles use an infra-red remote transmitter. Remotes Unlimited offers two different replacement options for this expensive Jeep key fob (with a dealer list price is well over $200).

One is a new aftermarket replacement remote, which we sell for $119.00. It is our part number 083-6005. You can see and buy this part on our website at the following link: RUI part 083-6005.

The second option is a gently used (B-grade) Jeep original equipment part. Our price for that part is $79.00. This part is not currently offered on our website, so if you are interested in a B-grade OE part, please call our office at 281-820-0300 and choose option 2 for sales.

The keyless entry systems in 1996 Jeep Cherokee vehicles are user programmable, so you will be able to program your vehicle yourself to accept the new transmitter.

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