Replacement Keyfob for Pursuit (Audiovox) Remote with FCC ID BGAAV2TF

Audiovox – the marketer of aftermarket alarm systems under the brands Prestige, Pursuit, Code Alarm and others – sold many Pursuit alarm systems that used a 2-button remote with FCC ID BGAAV2TF. This remote is no longer available, but Remotes Unlimited sells a replacement remote for this key fob. (See replacement remote, RUI part 267-1267, at this link.)

The replacement transmitter also has 2 buttons, but the case is a very different shape and has the Prestige brand on the front. Nevertheless, the electronics inside the case are the same. Alarm systems that use this remote are user programmable through the valet switch or button. It is best to be sure you have a working valet switch before you purchase a replacement remote. Remotes Unlimited also sells these switches if you need one.

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