Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Keyfob for KIA Dealer-Installed System No Longer Available

As with many other vehicle manufacturers, KIA has provided a system made by Code Alarm for its dealers in North America to install on vehicles that did not come with a factory keyless entry system. One of the most common of these systems used a 3-button remote keyfob and had FCC ID GOH-3BFM2497. The KIA part number associated with this remote is UP990-AY062.

See KIA dealer-installed remote with FCC ID GOH-3BFM2497 at this link.

This is a fast-selling replacement remote, so your guess is as good as mine as to why KIA no longer supplies the keyfob. Remotes Unlimited stocked up when we learned they had been discontinued. We have no sold all of our remaining stock, so the part is unavailable until we can find more. If you know where we can purchase more of these parts, please go to our website and send us an email.

Here is a link to the page that has a link to our procurement people.

Thank you.

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