Replacement Nissan/Infiniti Keyless Entry Remote Keyfobs with FCC ID KBRASTU10

Beginning during the 2000 model year, Nissan installed keyless entry systems on several Nissan and Infiniti cars and SUVs that used keyfob remotes with FCC ID KBRASTU10. These included both 3-button and 4-button transmitters. The keyfobs have either a Nissan or Infiniti logo on them. These KBRASTU10 remotes are not all interchangeable. The on the front does not matter in terms of interchangeability, but on the back of the case is a marking that starts with “MODEL/” and this marking does matter. Remotes marked “MODEL/ A” are not interchangeable with remotes marked “MODEL/ 01A”. To make specification matters worse, Nissan used both of the non-compatible systems on some of the same vehicles during the same model year. For these vehicles, if you are buying a replacement car remote, the only reliable way to specify the correct part is with the FCC ID and the MODEL/ marking off of your original keyfob.

Here is a link to help you specify the correct KBRASTU10 remote.

The good news for you, the consumer, is that all of the systems that use remotes with FCC ID KBRASTU10 are user programmable, so you will not have to pay a dealer to program the replacement remote to work with your vehicle.

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