Replacement Prestige/Audiovox Remote Keyfob Transmitter for Low-Frequency Aftermarket Alarm Systems

A reader asked if he could get a more modern-looking replacement remote control for his older Prestige car alarm system. The answer, unfortunately, is no. Audiovox – the marketer of Presitge, Karr and Pursuit aftermarket alarm systems – no longer offers new low-frequency systems. Newer alarm systems often offer 2-way communication, and the industry has almost completely made the move to using remote transmitters with a frequency of 433 mHz or higher.

So, the replacement remote for older 2-button and 3-button Prestige, Karr and Pursuit systems is itself a keyfob that has been around for some time. Remotes Unlimited offers a 2-button remote with FCC ID ELVAT5C for low-frequency systems. This is a 2-button remote, but supports a third function when both buttons are pressed simultaneously.

Link to Audiovox/Prestige remote with FCC ID ELVAT5C.

Newer Audiovox systems use a different style of remote. Because newer systems often support more button functions, Remotes Unlimited generally suggests a 6-button replacement remote with FCC ID ELVATDB. This car alarm remote has the nice feature of having a flashlight on it.

See Audiovox remote for high-frequency car alarm systems at this link.

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