Replacement Remote Key Fob for 1999 Ford F-150 Truck with a Dealer-Installed System

A customer recently contacted Remotes Unlimited to inquire about getting a replacement remote for his 1999 Ford F-150 pickup truck. His old remote had stopped working entirely after many years of service.

He contacted us by phone because the remote shown on our website for a 1999 Ford F-150 truck did not look like his original. The reason for this is that his truck was not equipped with a keyless entry system when it was shipped from the factory. Instead, the dealer sold an add-on “dealer-installed” keyless entry system to the first owner. That system was not the same as the factory system and uses a different remote. This is a fairly common situation.

When the customer went to our website, he saw the listing shown at the link below for our part number 343-1343:
1999 Ford F-150 Factory System Remote

Instead, his system was made for Ford by Code Alarm. It uses a remote with FCC ID GOH-3BFM2497. As soon as we determined this, we knew the part he was looking for is our part 675-1675. You can see the Code Alarm part at the following link:
Part 675-1675 – Ford dealer-installed system remote with FCC ID GOH-3BFM2497

Unfortunately, Ford discontinued this part some years ago. An equivalent part was used on dealer-installed systems sold by Kia, but it too has been discontinued. This situation highlights a growing problem . . . cars are staying in service for longer periods but manufacturers are shortening the period for which they support vehicles with replacement parts.

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