Replacement Remote Key Fob for 2001 Suzuki (Grand) Vitara

A site visitor asked how to tell if his 2001 Suzuki Vitara has a keyless entry system on it. Unfortunately, Suzuki’s exit from the North American car market makes that more difficult. Our edited response follows:

That’s a tough one. We don’t even show a 2001 Vitara having been produced, only a Grand Vitara. Neither Vitara nor Grand Vitara had factory keyless entry at that time. Many of those vehicles have a Suzuki dealer-installed aftermarket system made by AutoPage. That system used a 2-button AutoPage remote with part number XT-56 and FCC ID B23AT66 or a Suzuki-branded equivalent part. You can see the AutoPage keyfob at the link below:
AutoPage remote for 2001 Suzuki Vitara

The tell-tale signs of an aftermarket alarm or keyless entry system in a vehicle are that it would have a control module and valet switch located under the dash board on the driver’s side and there would likely be a red LED light on the dash. If you don’t see any of these components, you probably do not have a system. Any honest alarm installer would be able to tell you if there is a system on your vehicle. A dishonest alarm installer will tell you there is no system so that they can install one.

If you do have a system, the next question is whether or not it is the Suzuki dealer-installed system or another add-on system. The AutoPage remote for the Suzuki dealer-installed system is no longer made. We sold our last one quite a while ago. You may be able to find a used one online. If some other add-on system has been installed, we may be able to help you with a remote. We would need to know the brand and model number of the system, which would likely be on the control module.

If you do a find a system in the vehicle, you will almost certainly be able to program the system to add a new remote keyfob.

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