Replacement Remote Key Fobs for KIA Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry, Remote Start and Alarm Systems

Many Kia vehicles in the early years of the century were imported without a factory keyless entry system installed. And even in recent years, KIA and Hyundai have resisted offering factory systems with remote engine start. However, KIA does make these features available on most of their vehicles via add-on, dealer-installed systems. Here are a few of the remotes used by these systems.

KIA part 0K52Y-677T0A is a 2-button remote used mostly on Sedona vehicles beginning in 2001. It has FCC ID PLNBONTEC-003. See this remote at the following link:
RUI part 086-6019

KIA part 0K58A-677T0 is a 3-button remote used on 2003 and up Sedona. It has FCC ID PLNBONTEC-T009. See this remote at the following link:
RUI part 086-6020

KIA part UP990-AY062 is a 3-button remote that may have been used on most any KIA vehicle that was not equipped with a factory system from 1998 on. This system was supplied by Code Alarm. See this transmitter at the following link:
RUI part 086-6021
The replacement remote has been discontinued by KIA, but there is a Code Alarm remote that will work in place of the KIA-branded keyfob.

In the very recent past, KIA started offering a KIA-supplied optional remote start system that works with KIA vehicles that already have a factory keyless entry system – including both vehicles with a keyed ignition and those with push-button start. The replacement remote for these systems is a 1-button keyfob with FCC ID VA5RED301-1WSS. At this writing, we are still awaiting an image for the keyfob, but you can see a listing for this remote at the following link (and the image should be added soon):
RUI part 086-6926

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