Replacement Remote Transmitters for 1996-2003 Honda Civic Cars

A site visitor sent us an inquiry saying that he recently purchased a used 2002 Honda Civic that did not come with any keyless entry remotes. He had an old keyfob from a 1996 Civic and wondered if that remote could be programmed to work with the 2002 vehicle.

Unfortunately, the answer for him was no. Honda used newer technology keyless entry and vehicle security systems with 2002 Civics than it did with the 1996 models.

However, the larger answer is even more involved. Factory keyless entry was not a standard feature on 2000-2004 Honda Civics. Only EX models had a factory-installed keyless entry system during this period. Other Civics could have no system, a Honda-specified dealer-installed keyless entry system, a Honda-specified dealer-installed security system, or a dealer-installed aftermarket system. And, of course, the former owner also could have installed an aftermarket system after delivery of the vehicle regardless of what may have already been on the vehicle. The remotes for all of these different types of systems vary and are not interchangeable.

So, when buying a replacement remote for any Civic prior to 2005, one needs to be sure they know what type of system is on the vehicle, if any.

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