Replacement Toyota Port/Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry System Remote Transmitter with FCC ID ELVATDD

A reader with a 2006 Toyota Sequoia asked about a replacement for his remote keyfob with FCC ID ELVATDD.

Through 2010 or so, Toyota used port-installed keyless entry systems on many imported vehicles that did not have factory-installed systems. Some of these, including many Sequoia vehicles, use a remote transmitter with FCC ID ELVATDD and 4 buttons. Others used a 3-button ELVATDD key fob. Both of these parts have been discontinued by Toyota.

The Remotes Unlimited part number for the original 4-button remote is 289-1289. The button functions are lock, unlock and rear window roll-down on the front and panic on the back. The 3-button version of this remote is RUI part 092-6435. It can replace the 4-button part used on Sequoia vehicles, but the rear window function will be lost. Remotes Unlimited stocks gently used (B-Grade) 092-6435 remotes for the value price of $24.00.

You can see the 4-button original transmitter and purchase a B-Grade 3-button replacement remote at the following link:
3-button and 4-button Toyota remotes with FCC ID ELVATDD

Toyota has recently added a new 3-button dealer-installed remote transmitter. It has a different FCC ID — ELVATRF — and a different circuit board, but it will replace the old 3-button remote with FCC ID ELVATDD. You can see and purchase this new RUI remote with part number 092-7331 for $49.00 at the following link:
RUI part 092-7331 with FCC ID ELVATRF

Programming instructions and free phone technical support are included with purchase.

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