Sale on Replacement Factory Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs for 1995-2000 Chrysler Sebring

Remotes Unlimited announced a sale on one of the remotes used for 1995-2000 Chrysler Sebring non-convertible models.

With respect to factory keyless entry remotes, Chrysler Sebring is an unusual model in that Chrysler used different remote keyfobs on different body styles during the period that included the 1995-2006 model years. What is most unusual is that the remotes were not even all from the same supplier. Both TRW and Yazaki systems/remotes were used.

In 1995, Chrysler Sebring LX and LXi models used a remote with FCC ID GQ43VT6T. Some of the original keyfobs had 2 buttons. The 2-button remote is no longer available and is now replaced by a 3-button remote with manufacturer part number MR122506. It also has FCC ID GQ43VT6T. This is Remotes Unlimited part 360-1360. Systems using this part are user programmable by making a connection between two pins on the data link connector. See part 360-1360 at this link.

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