Take Care When Buying Keyless Entry Remotes for Older Ford Vehicles

Consumers need to search carefully when buying replacement keyless entry remote transmitters for older Ford vehicles. This caution applies to Lincoln and Mercury vehicles as well as Fords. From 2000 on, Ford used the same 3-button keyfob on most trucks and the same 4-button remote on most sedans. These parts are widely available online and are stocked in more and more auto parts stores, such as at all Pep Boys and some AutoZones.

The challenge for some consumers who own Ford, Lincoln or Mercury models from the late 1990s is that, before Ford used the current keyfobs, it used other 3-button and 4-button keyless entry remotes. The older remotes look very similar to the newer keyfobs but are not interchangeable. The switchover occurred in 1998, 1999 or 2000, depending on the vehicle model. Specifying the correct remote for trucks is particularly challenging because some model years were split between the old and new keyfobs.

The older keyless entry remotes had FCC ID GQ43VT4T on the back of the case. The 3-button keyfob is Ford’s part number F6UZ-15K601-AB (RUI transmitter 357-1357). The 4-button keyfob is Ford’s part number F5DZ-15K601-AB (RUI transmitter 358-1358).

Both of these parts transmit a fixed code, so RUI’s trademarked ReMoto replacement part is also an option and offers better value.

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