Toyota Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry Remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-022

For many years, keyless entry systems were installed in Toyota vehicles sold in North America by master dealers when the vehicles arrived at their US port of entry. These “port-installed” or “dealer-installed” systems used remotes with Toyota logos. Two of the remotes used had FCC ID BAB237131-022 on the back of the case.

To program these remotes, one has to access the main control unit in the vehicle. Toyota prescribed where the main control unit was supposed to be installed for each model. Unfortunately, the installers did not always follow instructions. So, Toyota vehicles with one of these systems could have the main control unit placed in any of several different locations, such as under the driver seat, attached to the dash, and so forth.

To add another source of confusion, Toyota used two different (and non-interchangeable) remotes on these systems. The two remotes both have FCC ID BAB237131-022 and have the same case shape and button configuration. The only physical difference that is visible to a user is that one had a black case with black buttons and the other had a black case with dark grey buttons. If you have a Toyota keyfob with FCC ID BAB237131-022 and the buttons on your remote differ in color from the rest of the case, even if the difference is only a slight one, then you have the one with dark grey buttons.

Link to remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-022.

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2 Responses to Toyota Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry Remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-022

  1. Tom Balbier says:

    My FOB is black with black keys. Code is: BAB237131-022. Do U have a replacement FOB?

    • admin says:

      Yes, there is a replacement from Toyota. It is our part 092-6598. It looks different and has a different FCC ID, but functions just like the original black BAB237131-022 remote. This part costs $83.00. It comes with programming instructions and free phone technical support if you run into any issues. You can see both parts at the link below. Click on the “Buy This Instead” button to navigate to the offer page for 092-6598.
      Toyota replacement remote for original black keyfob with FCC ID BAB237131-022
      Please let us know if you have other questions.

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