Urban Myth — Unlocking Your Car With Remote Over Cell Phone

Yes, we have heard that some people claim that, if you are locked out of your car and you have a remote for the vehicle at home, you can call someone there on your cell phone and have them hold it up to the phone and unlock your car for you.

Well, we believe this urban legend is not true. Our technical staff has tried this with several different vehicle remotes and we have yet to see it work. We believe the reason it does not work is that cell phones are made to receive and transmit frequencies in the audible spectrum and remote transmitters work at frequencies outside that spectrum.

If you try this and can make it work for you, please send us a response with the type of vehicle and/or aftermarket alarm system you have and the phone you used. We will try to replicate your results. Until we do, we will continue to believe that this urban legend is all myth and no reality.

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