Using FCC IDs to Specify Remote Transmitters

Many websites, including Remotes Unlimited’s, use the FCC ID that appears on the back of many remote transmitters as a way to specify the correct replacement part. This is because the FCC ID is more likely to be shown on the case than other possible identifiers, such as the OE part number.

However, the FCC ID can not always be used. There are identical looking parts that have the same FCC ID but which can not be used interchangeably. GM’s 4-button part numbers 22733523 and 15252034 are an example. Both parts have FCC ID KOBGT04A. Both have identical case shapes and button icons. But the two parts differ with respect to the information transmitted. Incidentally, there are many other GM remotes with different button configurations that also have FCC ID KOBGT04A.

Not all websellers understand this. So, if you purchase a remote based on the FCC ID from a non-expert source, you may end up with the wrong replacement part. Websellers who do understand this will change the method of specification to be certain you receive the correct part. For instance, GM remotes with FCC ID KOBGT04A always show the GM part number on the back of the remote, so that is the best way to specify these particular remotes.

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