Using the GM Part Number to Specify a Replacement Remote Control

Many GM vehicles have more than one factory keyless entry system installed. Variations include packages with and without remote start and options such as a power liftgate release on SUVs. Because there can be multiple parts for a given make, model and year, often it is better to use information from the back of your original remote control to specify a replacement part.

Many GM remotes, including remotes for virtually all GM vehicles after 2000, have an 8-digit GM part number embossed or printed on the back of the case. We recommend that you use this number to purchase a new part because that 8-digit number is unique to a specific remote style. On the Remotes Unlimited website, you would enter that 8-digit number in the box labeled “MFR PART #” and then click on the “SEARCH” button below it.

Please note two things about GM part numbers:
1. GM parts have many duplicate part numbers and, sometimes, one part number is discontinued and superseded by another part number. So, the part you receive could have a different part number than your original part number. This does not mean you were shipped the wrong part; you were shipped an identical part that just happens to have a different part number on it.
2. Some older GM remotes had a part number range printed on the back instead of a specific 8-digit number. For instance, some remotes used on CTS and other Cadillac vehicles from 2003-2005 had the number range “12223130-50” on the back. In this case, you will need to search by make, model and year and then choose the remote with correct button configuration.

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