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"I gave it one last effort following the instructions you gave me and guess what? It worked. I wasn't pushing the button on the remote while trying to tune it. After reviewing your instructions and following them exactly,on both remotes,now they both work again. Being a technician by trade for over 30 years I am not one that gives up easily.   Even though I have no test equipment to troubleshoot things with  since retiring,my instincts are still pretty good. I just had to send this email to again thank you for your assistance on solving this issue. If and when my remotes go bad on me I will keep your company in mind for replacements. Thank you again for your help for these old remotes and car alarm used in an unorthodox way for a garage alarm system."
- Thomas M

"Thanks a million, Bruce.  I'll order it now."
- Joseph C.  (Chula Vista, CA)

"Quality service, easy to reach over the phone!!! Jose was a huge help in me diagnosing issues with my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon key fob!!! Thanks again.  [He] knew the frequency, battery type and dealer-specific information needed to help me come to a conclusion. "
- Rob R  (Facebook)

"Thank you for the clarification.  I gave you five stars at your blog. "
- Cor B  (Overseas)

Thanks again for your quick responses and excellent service. "
- Joel  (Dallas, TX)

""I really appreciate your company's responsiveness and customer service as it's impressive!"
- Errin 

"Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I so appreciate your help. . . . "
- Cortney  (Santa Rosa, CA)

"Great service. Thanks a lot.  I  will look forward to doing business with the company in the future. . . . If any of my friends need a replacement remote for their car, your name will be the first referral company I will say to them."

- Kimon  (Barbados)

"Thank you for this information. I tried pressing both the lock and unlock buttons at the same time and whoa . . . It started!!  Appreciate the great customer service I received . . .!"
- Maria  (IN)

"Got the remote this morning.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with it.  Programming was easy, and it is working well.  Thanks for your help.  I'll be sure to let my friends know where they need to go to get any remotes replaced."
- William  (IL)

"Happy Days!  I got my remote and it worked on the second try.  Great turnaround time.  Tell your boss I said you are the best.  Thanks again, Nick." 
- Nick  (VA)

- Greg  (CA)

"Thank you so much for your help in this matter.  It is so nice to call a business and speak to a representative with patience and understanding." 
- Hollis  (NJ)

"I am very happy with your services and your quick turnaround time.  I would highly recommend your company to anyone who needs your services.  You guys are awesome!!" 
- Tommy O.

"Remotes received.  You guys are great!" 
- Doug  (OR)

"Awesome remote for my 2006 Silverado.  Absolutely effortless to setup and works great!  Thanks!" 
- Rick H.

"I would like to thank you all at Remotes Unlimited.  I bought a brand new remote from GM for my truck and GM wanted to charge me 45 dollars to synch the remote.  I called you guys and got help over the phone to synch it myself and was done in two minutes.  You guys saved me 45 bucks and I am so appreciative of that!!!!" 
- Brenden

"Wow! . . . You've given me a lot of great information.  I will definitely check out DEI and Audiovox.  Thanks, (Remotes Unlimited)!" 
- Doug, (CA)

"Just to let you know that I followed your programming instructions. . . . I'm astounded.  It makes me feel like a magician. . . . I'll surely tell others about your firm.  Keep up the good work.. " 
- Bill,  Marion (OH)

"Thank you for the fast shipping. . .  The programming instructions were great.  Works perfect!  Thanks again." 
- Larry,  Debary (FL)

"Remotes Unlimited had what I needed (and) saved me hundreds of dollars!  Shipped to Canada - Regina Saskatchewan very quickly! Perfect service . . . would highly recommend them."
- Shawn,  Regina (Saskatchewan, CANADA)

"Thank you folks for getting me going again. . . .  Your firm displayed great character and true help in solving the problem." 
- Fred,  Littleton (CO)

"Once again, I really do appreciate the customer care that you provided.  I was really impressed with your service and your intention to solve my problem!"  
- Dennis,  Kent (WA)

"I delayed my trip until 12:30pm to see if I could get your package At 11:59 it arrived!!!  I can only hope that the quality of the product is as high as your integrity.  If it is, I am going to be a VERY satisfied and loyal customer."  
- Pat, Chesterfield (MO) 

"I received the package a few minutes ago.  Thank you very much for the remote and immediate attention you provided."  
- Eric, Philadelphia (PA)

"Thank you for all of the information.  Thats GREAT customer service!  I would not hesitate to use your company for future purchases and would not hesitate to recommend."  - Mark "(The) remotes came quickly.  Both are now programmed, and they work flawlessly."  - Chase, Golden (CO) "We received the package yesterday.  Thank you very kindly.  Excellent product and excellent delivery."  - Amy, Columbus (IN) "Remotes arrived last Saturday, now programmed and normal service resumed.  Thank you so much for such excellent and speedy service." 
- Malcolm, Milton Keynes (UK) 

"Thank you for your exceptional and expedient work!"
- Israel, Clinton (MD) 

"OK, great, thank you!  I like your site; it was very clear what I needed."
- David, Salinas (CA) 

"Thank you SO much for your prompt and helpful service!!  I have recommended you to several people"
- Heather, Couer d'Alene (ID) 

"I can't believe I found these remotes.  You made my week.  Thank you."
- Steve, Grover Beach (CA) 

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate being able to find a replacement remote for my
security system.  It works perfectly and programming it myself with your included instructions
was so simple I didn't even have to call."
- Matt, Dallas 

"The remote was easy to program and works like a champ.  Thanks!

- Timothy, Los Angeles 

"I am writing to commend your employee Chris.  He was courteous and helpful and I am completely satisfied with my order.

- Gary, Seattle

"Lauren, Thank you so much for your help. Remote arrived swiftly and without delay on 27th.

- Keith, Portugal

"You guys truly are experts in the field."
- Sally, New York 

"I don't normally send an email complimenting individuals, but  I felt it was
necessary this time.  I talked with Lawren twice and she was absolutely the
most professional and helpful person I have dealt with over a phone in years. 
Please pass this on to her supervisor.  If awards for courtesy and customer
service are given there, she absolutely deserves it! Pleasure dealing with
your organization and will highly recommend you to others!"
- Rick, USAF Ret.

"Thank you for your work. You guys came through for me.
I'll promote you to my friends."

- Alvin, Clearwater, FL

"…I bought a remote for my Alpine alarm. I was amazed by your fast service.
It was really nice dealing with you guys! Thanks a lot."

- Nabil, Stamford, CT

"Thanks, Joel. This worked like a charm! You were courteous and helpful and
the programming worked perfectly. I am impressed with Remotes Unlimited."

- James, Providence, RI

"Thank you, John. The remote worked great with your programming help."
- Craig, Austin, TX

"Both the remotes for my Acura TL are new and work great. I admit I was a little
apprehensive about programming, but it could not have been easier. This saved me
a bunch of money over dealer service."

- Jay, San Francisco, CA

"I just want to let you know I am very satisfied with the prompt service and product I
received. I was able to program my new remote in a couple of minutes, with no issues.
I would highly recommend your business to anyone."

- Jose, Mesa, AZ

"Your technician helped me out of a frustrating situation. I'd like to commend both his
work and your company for the help I received."

- Amanda, Andover, MA

"Thanks for helping me solve a big problem. I could not find a remote for my alarm
system anywhere until I found you guys."

- Jim, Lincoln, NE

"Buying a remote from you was a rare great Internet shopping experience."
- Sally, Jackson, TN

"You were the only company that even knew what a "Theft Avert" system was, you had
the controller available, in stock at a good price of $35 and had all the necessary information
to go with it including specific system variables and exceptions that the customer needs
to be aware of."

- Matt, Dallas 

"I checked prices with my Nissan dealer and you saved me a lot of money. Thanks."

- Channing, Vienna, VA

"Just wanted to thank you for the great technical support. I bought my new Ford
remote at Pep Boys and couldn't get the programming to work until Joel helped me out."

- Willy, Norristown, PA

"Just a quick note to thank you for your quick service.  Thank you and I will be recommending you to others when they need replacement keyfobs." 
- Eric, Nashville (GA) 

"Awesome job with my remote.  Correct remote (2003 Toyota Tundra) arrived promptly and easy to follow instructions had me up and running in 60 seconds.  I'm very pleased." 
- Mark, Santee (CA) 

"Great job!  Got my product very fast and had very good customer support.  I was very impressed."  
- Zachary, Duluth (MN) 

"I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting my new remotes.  Both of them work like a charm!  . . . .  You guys did a great job."   
- Alicia, San Antonio (TX) 
"I received the remote this afternoon . . . Instructions were so easy to follow that it was programmed in seconds.  Thanks again for your accuracy and quick response times.  (I) highly recommend Remotes Unlimited :)."
- Steven, Burnaby (BC, CANADA) 

"Thanks for the quick shipment of my remotes.  I had them programmed in about 30 seconds.  I thought I was going to have to buy a new remote starter system because I couldn't find a replacement remote anywhere else."
- Dave, Martinsville (VA) 

"Great job guys!  Programming instructions were easy to understand and precise.  Will tell all my friends."
- Mark, West Point (IA) 

"[I want] to let you know that I have my parcel and all is well.  Thank you for the help and support you have provided."
- Siamak, Herne Bay, England (UK)

"Great place to order your Keyless Remotes from.  Great customer service . . .  No problems programing the remote to my car as I followed the simple instructions.  I will recommend to all my friends."

- JM,  Ontario, CANADA

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