1997-2000 Chevy Corvette Replacement Remote Control

The original factory keyless entry remote used on 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 model-year Corvettes is a 4-button remote with FCC ID ABO0216T. However, this part was discontinued by GM years ago. It is Remotes Unlimited part number 129-1129. We sell a newer replacement transmitter from GM for $119.00 that has a different FCC ID but will work for the original key fob. That is our part number 088-6240. The only functional difference is that the newer remote does not have a “PASSIVE” switch on the back.

You can see both parts at the following link:
1998 Chevy Corvette Remote Key Fob

The factory keyless entry system in 1997-2000 Corvettes is user programmable for adding a new remote. Programming instructions and free phone tech support are provided with purchase.

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