1998 Honda Civic EX Factory Keyless Entry and Dealer-Installed Security System Remote Control

A website visitor asked how to determine if his 1998 Civic EX has either a factory keyless entry system or a Honda dealer-installed security system installed. The easiest way to determine this, is to go through the procedure to enter programming mode.

Be aware, though, that entering programming mode will cancel access for any previously programmed remotes. (This might be a good thing to do if you bought the vehicle used!)

To enter programming mode, you first need to locate the button on the OEM radio that will allow you to enter programming mode. Between the “AM/FM” button and the “CD/Tape” button on your factory radio should be a thin horizontal button. That is the “Valet/Disarm” button. If your vehicle does not have this button, you probably do not have a Honda system on the vehicle.

Then, get in your car and close the doors.
Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position. “ON” is position “II”. Do not start the engine.
With key in that position, press and hold down the “Valet/Disarm” button.
If your car has a factory keyless entry system or dealer-installed security system, then the power door locks should cycle by themselves within 5 seconds to indicate the system is in programming mode.

If your vehicle does enter programming mode, then the correct replacement keyfob is RUI part 109-1109. This keyfob works for both the factory keyless entry system and Honda dealer-installed security system on the 1998 Civic EX. Note, though, that Honda used a different dealer-installed security system on sub-models other than the EX.

Link to 1998 Honda EX Factory Keyless Entry and Dealer-Installed Security System Remote.

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