2010 Honda Accord Keyless Entry Remote Transmitter and Key

We recently had a website inquiry asking about replacing a keyless entry remote transmitter for a 2010 Honda Accord. There are actually 5 different keyless entry remotes used on 2010 Honda Accord vehicles. All are “keyhead” style remotes.

2-door Honda Accord Coupes and 4-door Honda Accord Sedans use identical looking 4-button remote keys. Links to both are shown below:
2010 Honda Accord Coupe keyless entry transmitter.
2010 Honda Accord Sedan keyless entry remote.

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour vehicles used 3 different 3-button remote keys. This model offered seat memory as an option, so some remotes are marked “Fob 1”, some marked “Fob 2”, and those for non-seat memory vehicles have no fob number on the case. All three of these remote keys for the Crosstour are interchangeable; the only difference in the parts is the case marking. A link to the Crosstour remote with no fob number follows:
2010 Honda Accord Crosstour remote.

These remote keys will need to be taken to a dealership for programming and key cutting.

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