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Remote Programming: Practice Makes Perfect

A customer recently called us to say that they were having trouble programming their replacement remote.  The problem, as it turned out, was that they could not get their vehicle to go into programming mode.  Our technician helped them over … Continue reading

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Buying Replacement Automotive Remotes at a Retail Store

More retail stores are offering replacement remote controls with every passing year.  (For instance, Remotes Unlimited sells parts through the auto parts stores listed on our website.)  Typically, only a few of the hundreds of parts we offer are kept … Continue reading

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Did you know? — Date Codes

Sometimes, knowing the brand and model of an aftermarket alarm system is not enough information to specify the correct replacement remote key fob.  DEI’s Automate 2 models, for instance, used three different (non-interchangeable) remotes over the years this system was … Continue reading

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More info on GM part 15051014

Remotes Unlimited received a call from someone asking for more cross-reference information on GM part 15051014, so here it is: This is a 3-button key fob remote.  The FCC ID number is MYT3X6898B, and that number does appear on the back of … Continue reading

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GM Parts 15051014, 15008008 and 15008009

Some people have asked us if the three GM remotes 15051014, 15008008 and 15008009 are interchangeable.  They are.  The only difference among these three keyless entry remotes is the back of the case.  Transmitters bearing the GM part numbers 15008008 and 15008009 were used on vehicles … Continue reading

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Remote Cloning — Urban Myth

We received an email from our friend Amy in Bethesda, Maryland.  She had been sent an urgent caution message from a friend telling her never to lock her vehicle with the remote because a car thief could be lurking with … Continue reading

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