Automate and Avital Remote Start System Key Fobs with FCC ID EZSDEI471H

A reader of the blog post from a few days ago regarding the Clifford 1-button remote (Clifford (DEI) 1-Button Keyfob for Remote Start System) asked about other DEI remote start keyfobs. DEI did also sell aftermarket remote start systems under the Automate and Avital brands. The keyfob for these systems is a 1-button remote with FCC ID EZSDEI471H on the back of the case.

See 1-button remotes with FCC ID EZSDEI471H at this link.

If you are searching for a replacement for one of these systems, be sure to include the “H” at the end of the FCC ID number in your search. There is a different 2-button remote with FCC ID EZSDEI471 that was used on earlier aftermarket alarm systems.

See 2-button remote with FCC ID EZSDEI471 at this link.

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