Conflict Between Factory Keyless System Remote and Aftermarket Alarm Keyfob

A website visitor found the Remotes Unlimited website while searching for information on an alarm system component with FCC ID ELVxxxx. He thought we were the manufacturer of the system in his vehicle. He was having a problem and could not figure out what was happening. Here is our response:

Here is what I can tell you with some confidence:
1. First, our company does not manufacture, sell or install complete aftermarket alarm systems. All we sell is the replacement remote transmitters for both factory keyless entry and aftermarket alarm systems. You probably got to our site because you search included the sensor FCC ID and we sell quite a few remotes with an FCC ID beginning with ELV.
2. The first three letters of an FCC ID (called a grantee code) represent the manufacturer who filed the registration for a device. ELV is the grantee code for Nutek, which is a Taiwan-based company that engineers and manufactures aftermarket alarm systems. Nutek systems are sold under several brands in the US. The most common is Audiovox, but FCC IDs beginning with ELV are also common on Omega and Magnadyne systems.
3. From what you communicated in your original email, it seems certain that there is an aftermarket alarm system in your vehicle. These systems can be installed in such a way that the original factory keyless entry system on a vehicle still operates. When you say that you have a remote from the manufacturer and it works great, I assume you mean you have a GM remote that operates the power door locks. From that, we believe you have both systems on your vehicle and that they are both operable. It is likely that there is some conflict between them and that this is what is causing your problem.
4. One “watch out” when you have both a factory keyless entry system and an aftermarket alarm system on your vehicle is that using a key to unlock your vehicle rather than the factory keyless entry keyfob can sometimes pose a problem. If your issue is intermittent and seems to linked to a specific action such as using the key to unlock the door, you may be able to avoid the problem by always using the keyfob.
5. If you are going to keep the alarm system in operation on your vehicle, I recommend that you have it set up so that the keyless entry functions are controlled by the alarm system control module and and that you then only use the aftermarket alarm system remote.
6. To truly diagnose what is happening, you probably will have to take your vehicle to a quality car alarm installer. I would start with Audiovox, because they generally have good quality systems and dealers and because they sold the majority of systems that used Nutek technology. If it turns out your system is from Omega, Magnadyne or some other alarm system marketer, they should be able to tell you that. They may be able to fix your problem even if the system is from another manufacturer, but we are not sure about that.

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