Continental Automotive Remote Controls with FCC IDs beginning with KR5

A customer asked if he could use a keyless entry remote with a different FCC ID to replace his original remote. Unfortunately for this particular customer, the answer is . . . sometimes one can, but in this particular case, no.

His original remote control had an FCC ID beginning with KR5. The registrant for this remote is Continental Automotive. While there are some cases where keyless entry remote transmitters with different FCC IDs are compatible, transmitters engineered by Continental Automotive (for Nissan, Honda and other vehicle makes) generally are not compatible if they have different FCC IDs.

Remotes Unlimited has well over 1000 unique remote control transmitter parts and the vast majority of them do not have a compatible remote with a different FCC ID, so you should never buy a part with a different FCC ID unless a reputable seller ensures you that the part will work for your application.

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