Corvette and Other GM Keyless Entry Remote Control Keyfobs

A customer recently called Remotes Unlimited and expressed confusion about Corvette keyless entry remotes they found on another provider’s website. Apparently, they were confused because there were so many different remote transmitters listed for any given model year. The reason for this is that the competitor listed every keyfob shown in the GM internal part catalog. This is a common mistake. Even parts managers in GM dealerships are confused by the number of apparently redundant keyless entry transmitters listed in the GM electronic catalog. Nearly all automotive part catalogs can be very difficult to decipher and GM’s is among the most confusing.

What makes the Corvette and other GM remote controls so confusing is that different transmitters were used overseas versus in North America. It is not always easy to determine which are which.

One clue is the transmission frequency. Most (but not all) remotes transmitters used with factory keyless entry systems in North America transmit at a frequency close to 315 mHz. Often, systems used in vehicles sold overseas operate at a higher frequency. So, if you have a vehicle purchased in North America, need a remote, and you see a listing in a GM part catalog for a remote that says “high frequency” or “specific frequency”, it is probably an export part and not the correct remote for your vehicle. If you see the notation “low frequency” it probably is a North American part. To be absolutely certain you buy the correct remote, shop carefully and buy from a reputable source.

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