CrimeStopper (Cool Start) Remote Transmitter CS34-II.TX with FCC ID M65TX605

A website visitor recently sent an information request about his CrimeStopper alarm system. He did not state the system model in his request, but he did say his key fob was remote transmitter part CS34-IITX with FCC ID M65TX605. Here is our response to the inquiry:

The Remotes Unlimited part number for this part is 772-1772 (link). It is no longer made but, as you can see if you click on the link, we offer both a B-Grade (gently used) remote and an alternative CrimeStopper part as replacements.

To locate a manual for your system, you should find the system model number of your system. It is probably a RS-900 system or a CS-2011xx system. The CrimeStopper website main URL is

If you click around on the CrimeStopper site, you can get to a listing for public manuals at the link Public Manuals.
I am not sure if you will find your model listed or not.

Remotes Unlimited can help you with phone tech support. However, if you have not purchased a part from us, we do charge for tech support service. To explore this option, call Remotes Unlimited at 281-820-0300 and choose option 3 for tech support. Our tech support hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

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