DEI Clifford Aftermarket Alarm System Remote Control 904015

A website visitor inquired about a replacement remote control for his Clifford Remote Commander aftermarket alarm system. He said his original remote has “50-131 rev A” on the back of the case.

The Remote Commander system, made by DEI and branded Clifford, used different original remote keyfobs at different times during its marketed life. Early systems had remotes with part numbers starting with “50-“, such as 50-370 and 50-131. Later, these remotes were replaced by a keyfob with DEI part number 904015. This part is no longer made by DEI. However, Remotes Unlimited does sell a replacement remote (RUI part 221-2663) that will work for part 904015.

See one version of part 904015 and the replacement part at this link.

The FCC ID most commonly associated with DEI part 904015 is CZ57RRTX12R. However, consumers should exercise caution before searching for or buying an aftermarket car alarm remote with this FCC ID on it. This FCC ID appeared on more than one DEI-Clifford remote and the parts are not interchangeable. One of the remotes with this FCC ID has one integrated circuit chip on the circuit board and the other has two IC chips. DEI part 904015 used the circuit board with one chip. The part that used the circuit board with two chips is no longer available from any source that we know of. If you are shopping for a replacement remote with FCC ID CZ57RRTX12R, look at the link below.

Link to circuit board images of parts with FCC ID CZ57RRTX12R.

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