Did You Know? . . . Nissan 4-button Keyless Entry Remote with FCC ID KBRASTU15 Works for Similar 3-button Remotes

Nissan keyless entry remotes with FCC IDs KBRASTU15 or CWTWB1Uxxx are among the fastest selling replacement keyfobs? There are two reasons for this. First, Nissan used the same two 3-button and 4-button remotes on almost every vehicle in its line for several years. Second, Nissan used the same remotes on both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles during the middle of the last decade.

What many people do not know is that the 4-button keyfob remote with FCC ID KBRASTU15 works for several different Nissan and Infiniti 3-button keyfobs, even some with different FCC IDs. For instance, the 3-button Nissan/Infiniti keyfob with FCC ID CWTWB1U415 can be replaced by the 4-button Nissan/Infiniti remote with FCC ID KBRASTU15. Of course, if you have a vehicle that came with a 3-button remote originally, the rear function button on the 4-button keyfob will have no effect when pressed.

Links to both parts are shown below:
Link to 3-button Nissan/Infiniti keyfob with FCC ID CWTWB1U415.
Link to 4-button Nissan/Infiniti keyfob with FCC ID KBRASTU15.

If you are not sure which is the correct replacement remote for your Nissan or Infiniti vehicle, you can search by the FCC ID, OE Part number or Make-Model-Year of your vehicle on the Remotes Unlimited website.

If you are buying a replacement remote for a system that uses one of these keyfobs, you can find them at several auto parts stores.

The 4-button Nissan remote is carried as a stock item in all Pep-Boys stores. The part number there is CPR-9504. Link to Pep Boys store locator.

Both the 3-button and 4-button remotes are available as a special order item at Advance Auto and AutoZone stores.

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7 Responses to Did You Know? . . . Nissan 4-button Keyless Entry Remote with FCC ID KBRASTU15 Works for Similar 3-button Remotes

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    • admin says:

      Thank you. All of our remote keyfobs can be purchased through Advance Auto. Several keyless entry transmitters and replacement remote cases are stocked in Advance Auto stores.

  3. cor becker says:

    I drive a japan xtrail 2005 NT30 chasisno NT30-165670, model TDANRHAT30EDA—
    and I am looking for the key fob for this car. Which one should I order?

    • admin says:

      The chances are good that your vehicle originally used either the Nissan OE part that we carry as Remotes Unlimited part 503-1503 or, if it has a power liftgate, part 751-1751. However, since the XTrail was not sold in the US, I am not 100% certain it used a system that operated at 315MHz as these do. We will try to check your VIN with a Nissan dealership and see if they can tell us for certain which transmitter you need.

      In the event your system does operate at 315MHz, like most North American Nissan vehicles at that time, links to both parts are shown below:
      Part 503-1503: http://www.remotesunlimited.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=551
      Part 751-1751: http://www.remotesunlimited.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=791
      These parts use the same transmission technology, so the 4-button version will work for vehicles with or without a power liftgate. The rear function button simply will serve no purpose if the vehicle is not equipped with a power liftgate.

      • admin says:

        We were able to reach a Canadian Nissan dealer earlier today. He said that your vehicle uses the same system as US vehicles, transmitting at 315MHz. So, the correct Remotes Unlimited part for your X-Trail is 098-7413. You can see and purchase this part at the following link:
        Part 098-7413 for X-Trail

        The system in your vehicle is self-programmable, so you should be able to program it without the help of a dealer or locksmith. Programming instructions are included with the part and we also provide free phone technical support if you run into any issues during programming.

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