Ford Van Keyless Entry Remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U511

Ford used several keyless entry remotes on vans during the last decade. These included the 3-button and 4-button keyfobs that were used on trucks and sedans generally, but also included a 5-button keyless remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U511. This keyfob has buttons for lock, unlock and panic functions, like most keyless entry remotes, but also has buttons for operating the left and right power sliding doors that were optional on Windstar, Freestar and Freestyle vans through the 2007 model year. As with nearly all Ford vehicle applications that used keyfob-style keyless entry remotes, all van keyless entry systems are user-programmable.

All three of these parts are on sale by Remotes Unlimited for a limited time only.

Link to 5-button Ford van remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U511

Link to 3-button and 4-button Ford keyless entry remote used on 2000-2007 vans

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