GM remotes with FCC ID OUC60270

We receive a lot of questions about all of the different remote controls with an FCC ID of OUC60270 that were used on GM vehicles as early as 2006.  Remotes Unlimited knows of 10 such keyfobs.  The remotes are similar in look and electronics except that they have different button functions.

All of the remotes have lock, unlock and panic icons in the same position on the part.  The main differences relate to whether or not the vehicle had remote start installed and to what rear functions were included in the option package.  The main rear function icon (a triangular button in the middle position above the panic button) could have a picture of a car trunk, an SUV liftgate or cargo doors.  Some SUVs also have a rear window release icon to the right of the liftgate icon.

The most obscure of the OUC60270 remotes is one used on Chevy Express and GMC Savana vans equipped with the Tradesmen option package.  This package included locking storage bins on both sides of the vehicle.  GM part numbers 20877109 and 25840696 correspond to a keyfob that had power unlock functions for these storage compartments.

When ordering a replacement remote with FCC ID OUC60270, be sure you know whether or not your specific vehicle application is user programmable or not.  In general, Chevrolet and GMC trucks, and truck-platform SUVs are user programmable, and most other applications (including most sedans) are user programmable if the vehicle is equipped with a Driver Information Center (DIC) that supports programming.  However, Chevy Express and GMC Savana vans always require a scan tool for programming, and sedan-platform vehicles require a scan tool if the vehicle does not have a DIC that supports programming.

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