GM Sedan Keyless Entry Systems with FCC ID OUC60270

Beginning in 2006, several GM sedans have used keyless entry systems with remote transmitters that have the FCC ID OUC60270. These include Buick Lucerne, Chevy Impala and Chevy Monte Carlo vehicles.

The systems used either of two possible keyfobs. The remote for vehicles without remote start is RUI part number 814-1814. GM’s dealer list price for this part is $76.32. This keyfob has lock, unlock, trunk and panic buttons. It could have any of several different GM part numbers on the back, including 20833561 and 20935330, among others.

The keyfob for vehcles equipped with remote start is RUI part number 676-1676. GM’s dealer list price for this part is $136.84. As you would expect, this remote has lock, unlock, trunk, panic and remote start buttons. Again, many different GM part numbers appeared on the remote. One of the most common is 20935331.

These remotes are user programmable under certain circumstances, but not for all vehicles. Beginning with the 2011 model year, this replacement remote control always requires a special tool for programming, so the car and all remotes must be taken to a GM dealership. Prior to 2011, some vehicles were equipped with Driver Information Centers (DICs) that supported user programming of a new keyfob.

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