Jeep Remote-Head Key Programming

We received a comment from a customer who was confused about programming a new remote-head key for his Jeep. He had seen some sources that said one working key are required and others that said two working keys are needed. Here is our response:

The confusion stems from the fact that there are two components of your remote-head key that require programming. One is remote functions. The other is the anti-theft transponder. You can program the remote functions of a new remote-head key if you have one working key already. But programming the anti-theft transponder requires two working keys. That is for security reasons.

Of course, the key blade will also need to be cut. If you do not have the required number of working keys for programming a new one yourself, then the new part will need to be programmed using a computer “scan tool” device. Dealerships and most well-equipped automotive locksmiths have this device and can perform key programming and key cutting.

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