KIA’s first proximity smart-key remote transmitter

In response to a question from one of RUI’s website users, Kia’s first proximity remote was used on the Borrego beginning with 2009 models.  This remote has FCC ID SY5HMFNA04 and Kia part numbers 95460-2J750 and 95440-2J850.  Prior to that, all remote transmitters used on US vehicles were keyfobs.  Unfortunately for consumers, Kia has followed the lead of many other car manufacturers and set an absurdly high dealer list price on this proximity remote ($250.00 plus).  Given a manufacturing cost of under $20, we think Kia is being greedy.

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2 Responses to KIA’s first proximity smart-key remote transmitter

  1. Al says:

    SY5HMFNA04 can a used KIA prox key be reprogrammed? I know I can get the uncut blade.

    • admin says:

      I will check with our tech staff. Many proximity transmitters can be reprogrammed, but I am not certain about Kia. If you want us to test it for you, contact RUI at 281-820-0300 and ask for Chris.

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