More About Toyota Port-Installed and Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry Remotes

Following up on yesterdays blog ( ), a reader asked if there are other Toyota dealer-installed or port-installed keyless entry remotes. The answer is yes. Toyota used several different keyless entry systems for installation after vehicles arrived in North America.

There are four other port-installed or dealer-installed keyless entry remote controls. Two of them are 2-button key fobs with FCC ID BAB237131-022. These two remotes are not interchangeable.

See Toyota remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-022 at this link.

The other two remotes both have FCC ID BAB237131-056 and a panic button on the back of the key fob. One is a 3-button remote, the other a 4-button key fob with an “AUX” button to control the rear function. (Note that there is also a Scion port/dealer-installed remote with this same FCC ID.

See remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-056 at this link.

All of these remotes are user programmable for all applications.

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