Regex Issues with FCC ID Searches for Remote Transmitters

We have become aware of a minor problem that haunts website users trying to search for and buy automotive remote controls, especially with respect to aftermarket alarm systems.

On our website and many others, a “Regex” value (or “regular expression”) is stored for each searchable data element. This makes it possible to resolve searches where certain common character errors are present, such as mistaking an “S” and a “5”. Unfortunately, there are sometimes multiple FCC ID numbers (or OE part numbers) that resolve to the same Regex value. For instance, there are distinct Audiovox remotes with FCC IDs ELVAT6A and ELVATGA. Mistaking a “G” for a “6” or a “6” for a “G” are common errors that the Regex values try to correct. Unfortunately, many websites do not provide a resolution method when multiple records share the same Regex value. RUI is addressing this on our website.

Whenever you search a website by FCC ID or any other parameter for which you are not certain of the value, be sure to check the search result carefully. You do not want to end up wasting time buying the wrong part because two FCC IDs are nearly identical.

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