Remote Keyfobs with Short Battery Life

A few site visitors have said that they have experienced short battery life with either their original car remote or with a replacement. We know of no fundamental problem with either keyfobs or batteries that we have come across in the course of Remotes Unlimited’s business.

However, we have noticed that some keyfobs are designed such that the button portion of the bladder can get caught on the edge of the plastic case when the button is depressed. This may cause the button to stay down, which would keep discharging the battery. We have seen this problem more frequently with aftermarket alarm system remote controls than with factory keyless entry remotes.

For those who experience a short battery life issue, we recommend that the keyfob user not press down too hard on the remote buttons. All that is needed is for an electrical contact to be made (completing a circuit); pressing hard on the button has no benefit and tends to lead to other issues, such as the possibility of the button getting caught under the edge of the case. Also, if your keyfob has an LED light to indicate when it is transmitting, build the habit of checking it to make sure it goes off after you press the button. It if stays lit, then the keyfob may still be using power and draining the battery due to some problem with the buttons or circuitry.

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