Replacement Cool Start (CrimeStopper) Remote Key Fobs with FCC ID M65TX605

We had two blog comments this week asking about older Cool Start alarm/keyless entry/remote start systems that used remote transmitters with FCC ID M65TX605. CrimeStopper – the marketer of Cool Start systems – made two key fobs with FCC ID M65TX605. CS-TX33 is a 5-button remote with lock, unlock, remote start, shift and flashlight buttons. CS-TX34 is an identical remote transmitter except that it also has a trunk button. You can see both parts at the following link:
Cool Start (CrimeStopper) Remotes with FCC ID M65TX605

CrimeStopper ceased making these parts some time ago. Remotes Unlimited does still have a limited supply of the 6-button part – Remotes Unlimited part 772-1772 – but the new parts in inventory are not expected to last long. We also have several B-grade 772-1772 remotes in stock. B-grade remotes are gently used remotes that have been tested and given a fresh battery. (Note that Remotes Unlimited often has B-grade keyfobs in stock even when our website shows only a new part in stock or shows no part in stock.)

Do not despair if our website shows both of the M65TX605 remotes as out of stock because, in addition to B-grade 772-1772 key fobs in stock, Remotes Unlimited also has a newer CrimeStopper/Cool Start remote in stock that will work in place of the old remotes with FCC ID M65TX605. That is Remotes Unlimited part 071-6497 with FCC ID Q6WBT4123. Even though this keyfob is made by a totally different manufacturer for CrimeStopper and has a different FCC ID, it will replace the older parts CS-TX33 and CS-TX34. It will operate all functions of the old 5-button and 6-button remotes except that it does not have an LED flashlight as the parts with FCC ID M65TX605 did. You can see and purchase Remotes Unlimited remote 071-6497 at the following link:
RUI part 071-6497 with FCC ID Q6WBT4123

The Cool Start alarm and remote start systems that use any of these remote key fobs are all user programmable for adding a new remote. Remotes Unlimited includes programming instructions and free phone technical support with purchase.

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