Replacement for 3-button Nissan Remote Keyfob with FCC ID KBRASTU10 and Model /01A

A blog reader wrote us to ask if Remotes Unlimited offers a replacement for the discontinued Nissan 3-button remote key fob with FCC ID KBRASTU10 and Model /01A. The answer is that we offer two replacement options that will work for the original transmitter. They look different than the KBRASTU10 remote but transmit the same signal. Remotes Unlimited part 739-1739 is an original Nissan part. Part 098-7413 is Remotes Unlimited’s aftermarket version of the Nissan part. You can see and purchase either part at the following link:
Replacements for Nissan 3-button remote with FCC ID KBRASTU10 and Model /01A.

Factory keyless entry systems that use this transmitter are programmable by the user. Instructions and free phone technical support are provided with the part.

CAUTION: You should be aware of this “Watch Out”. Nissan also made identical KBRASTU10 remotes with other model numbers. The options shown at the link above will only work as a replacement for original remotes with “Model/01A” shown on the back of the remote case.

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