Replacement GM Factory Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs with FCC ID KOBLEAR1XT

During the middle of the last decade GM used factory keyless entry systems on many cars, trucks and SUVs that employed keyless entry remotes with FCC ID KOBLEAR1XT. There are several styles of KOBLEAR1XT remote, including both 3-button and 4-button keyfobs with a variety of rear function button icons on the 4-button versions. Also, this family of factory keyless entry system was used on vehicles that offered a seat memory option, so some of the remotes have a fob number stamped on the back of the case. The rear function button differences and the seat memory fob number differences are purely cosmetic. All of these keyfobs are interchangeable. Also, nearly all vehicles that used KOBLEAR1XT remotes have user programmable systems.

Because of the large number of remotes and styles with FCC ID KOBLEAR1XT, we recommend that you search for your replacement remote by the make, model and year of your vehicle or by the GM part number.

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