Replacement Keyless Entry Remotes for 1995-2000 Chrysler Sebring Cars

A reader who saw my last blog post about programming on Chrysler Sebring remotes asked what the correct replacement part is for 1995-2000 Sebring cars. Well, again, nothing is as straightforward as it should be. Chrysler used three different remotes on Sebring vehicles from 1995-2000.

1995-2000 Chrysler Sebring 2-door coupes and 4-door sedans used one remote throughout this period. It is a 3-button remote with FCC ID GQ43VT6T. See it at this link.

Convertible Sebring cars used one of two different remotes from 1995-2000. One is a 2-button remote with just lock and unlock functions. This remote has FCC ID KYPTX001. See it at this link.

Other convertibles used a 4-button remote with FCC ID KYPTX002. See it at this link.

For programming, see previous blog entry.

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