Replacement Remote Key Fob Transmitter for 2004 Acura TSX

A customer was having trouble finding a replacement remote for her 2004 Acura TSX. Here is our response:

We have replacement transmitters in three different condition grades, priced accordingly. You can see all three choices at the following link: 2004 Acura TSX keyfob

Part 648-1648 that appears at the top of this linked page for $69.00 plus shipping is a “Re-Newed” part. That means it is a pre-owned original equipment circuit board that has been placed in a new replacement case. At the bottom of the page are options for an entirely new Acura part (647-1647) and for a pre-owned remote (668-1668). You can order online by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button for 648-1648, or for 647-1647 or 668-1668, by clicking on “Buy This Instead” and then on the “Add to Cart” button on the succeeding page. You can also call us during normal business hours on Monday if you would like to place an order by phone.

Any of these parts should work for your 2004 TSX factory keyless entry system. You will be able to program the system in your vehicle to add the new remote. Instructions for doing so are included with the part and we offer free phone technical support with purchase if you need any assistance.

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