Replacement Remotes for Aftermarket Alarm Systems

As with many consumer electronics products, manufacturers of aftermarket car alarm systems — such as DEI (the maker of Automate, Avital, Clifford, Python and Viper systems), Audiovox (Code Alarm, Prestige and Pursuit), Autopage, Omega and so forth — frequently update features, model numbers and sometimes even brand names in order to offer consumers products that are perceived as new and better. This means that finding replacement remotes for older aftermarket alarm systems can sometimes be a challenge. After all, aftermarket alarm system manufacturers do not have a commitment to support their systems for many years after the sale as vehicle manufacturers do.

So, Remotes Unlimited frequently gets calls from customers asking if we have a replacement keyfob for this or that old remote control. A recent example is a call received about an old Autopage remote — Autopage part XT-60, which is a 5-button keyfob with FCC ID B23AT67. This keyfob has been discontinued, but a newer Autopage remote will work as a replacement for it.

Link to Autopage part XT-60 and its replacement.

As with this Autopage keyfob, many discontinued aftermarket car alarm remotes can be replaced, especially if the original systems are not more than 15-18 years old.

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