Replacement Remotes for Code Alarm CA-545 System

A website visitor asked us on which vehicles the Code Alarm CA-545 remote start system might be installed. Here is our answer:

The Code Alarm CA-545 system could be installed on any vehicle. This is true of nearly all aftermarket alarm and remote start systems. They are not specified or installed by the vehicle manufacturer. They are installed after the vehicle has been built.

If you have a CA-545 system on a vehicle, then you would only want to buy a replacement remote that is compatible with that system. As with many remote start systems, the Code Alarm CA-545 system originally came with a two-way remote and a companion remote. In this case, the two-way remote has LED lights to display in-bound information rather than an LCD screen. See both remotes used with the CA-545 system at the following link:
CA-545 Remote Start System Remotes

The control module for the CA-545 system is master module CA-525.

If you have an aftermarket alarm system on your vehicle but don’t know which one you have, then you should try to locate the control module for the system and see if it has identifying information on it. The control module is a small box, usually about 1″x3″x4″ that has several wires running into it because aftermarket alarm systems have to be attached to sensors, a power source, and usually a siren (or the vehicle’s horn), a shut-off or valet switch, and an LED light that tells you when the system is armed. Most aftermarket alarm installers place the control module underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. If you can find the LED light or the shut-off switch, you should be able to follow the wire from that component back to the control module.

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