Replacement Ungo Alarm System Remote Part 3020255 with FCC ID HP92VUUNGO601/6

Remotes Unlimited recently received an inquiry from a customer who wanted to locate a remote for his Ungo alarm system. Here is our response:

Ungo left the auto aftermarket alarm business several years ago and there are no replacement remotes available for most Ungo systems. While they were in business Ungo marketed many different alarm systems and the remotes for most of these systems are not interchangeable.

We have 1 Ungo remote model still in stock. It is Ungo’s part 3020255 with FCC ID HP92VUUNGO601/6. This is a 2-button keyfob with a black case. See Ungo part 3020255 at this link.

Ungo made a similar-looking but non-interchangeable remote, part 3020250. This keyfob has a dark grey case; otherwise, it looks exactly like part 3020255 from the front. RUI can replace this remote only if the customer has a working remote that we can duplicate.

We also have non-Ungo remotes that will substitute for a few of their other systems. However, RUI cannot provide a replacement for most Ungo alarm systems and we think you will have trouble finding those remotes anywhere.

To determine whether or not we can help, we would need to know the Ungo system model number or information from the back of the original remote transmitter. The model number may be found on control module, which installers generally locate under the dashboard on the driver’s side. If you can provide any of this information, call us at 877-719-1900 for assistance in determining which remote is needed and whether or not we will be able to supply it for you.

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