Searching By Vehicle Manufacturer Part Number on Keyless Entry Remotes

Did you know you can search the Remotes Unlimited website by the vehicle manufacturer’s part number? Keyfobs from GM, Ford and many other vehicle manufacturers often have the OE part number printed or embossed on the back of the remote case. This can be an excellent way to search for a replacement remote because it avoids the ambiguity that sometimes applies to searches by the make, model and year of the vehicle or by FCC ID.

Remotes Unlimited has well over 2000 OE part numbers referenced in our search engine, so there is a good chance your part number is known to us. Be aware of one thing, though, when buying a replacement car remote: vehicle manufacturers may have several part numbers assigned to the same remote, so the keyfob you purchase might actually show a different part number on the back of its case and still be the correct replacement part for your system. This is also true of aftermarket alarm remote controls.

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