Sexiest Automotive Remote Control

Sometimes technology is pedestrian . . . just functional.  Sometimes, though, a product’s design is much more, it is sexy.  Think Apple products.

Automotive remote controls generally fall in the former category.  Factory keyless entry remotes, in particular, tend to be mostly functional . . . and some are downright ugly.  The same is true of most aftermarket alarm system remotes, though a few are both innovative and visually appealing.  Of course, sex appeal is always a matter of taste anyway.  

With respect to factory keyless entry remotes, this editor thinks the Nissan proximity remotes are very attractive.  My top vote in this category, though, goes to the Corvette keyfobs with FCC ID M3N65981403.  This is a very masculine, automotive look, but I think the geometry, organization of the buttons and logo all make this remote look great.

On the aftermarket side, my vote goes to the Audiovox fob with FCC ID ELVAT5C, a Prestige brand remote.  This is an older keyfob, but I think the kidney shape, large LED panel and little green second button make for a compelling look.

What are your favorites?

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