The (Sometimes) Confusing World of DEI Aftermarket Alarm System Remote Controls

Directed Electronics, better known as DEI, is one of the powerhouses of the aftermarket auto alarm system business. They market systems and remotes under brands that include Avital, AutoMate, Clifford, Matrix, Python, Viper and others. Buying a replacement car remote for a DEI system can sometimes be confusing.

First of all, DEI oftem markets systems with the same underlying technology under several of their brands. This means that a remote with, say, “Avital” marked on the front might work for a Clifford or Python system.

Second, DEI markets many two-way alarm systems. These systems often come with a two-way “transceiver” keyfob paired with a one-way “companion” transmitter remote. On a two-way system, the companion remote will activate the functions of the alarm system but not receive any feedback from the vehicle. However, the companion remote might also be used un-paired as the primary transmitter for a one-way system.

To make the two-way situation even more complex, DEI sometimes uses the same one-way transmitter with two different two-way systems, so the companion remote may be a companion for two entirely different transceivers. An example of this is Clifford part 7152X (RUI part 072-6008). This one-way keyfob is the companion remote for systems that had part 7351X (RUI part 072-6123), a two-way transceiver with an LCD screen; but it is also the companion remote for systems that used part 7251X (RUI part 933-1933), a two-way transceiver with LED indicators.

Other aftermarket alarm manufacturers make similar part choices, so, you have to be a little bit careful when buying a replacement remote, whether it be for a DEI system or any other system.

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