Toyota and Scion “Keyhead” Keyless Remote Transmitters with FCC ID HYQ12BBY

A reader of yesterday’s blog asked if I had made a typo error on the blog. He said the Toyota remote transmitter, which is integrated with the key to his 2011 4Runner, has an FCC ID of HYQ12BBY, not HYQ12BBX. He is correct. The HYQ12BBX remote transmitters are keyfobs; that is, they are separate from the key. HYQ12BBY remote transmitters are integrated with the key. But both FCC ID numbers are correct ones.

A search for FCC ID HYQ12BBY on the Remotes Unlimited website does not show you results because there are multiple Toyota and Scion keyhead transmitters with this FCC ID and many of them are visually indistinguishable. Some have transponders inside (for vehicles with an anti-theft system) and some do not. So, if you need to find the correct part for your Toyota or Scion and you have a keyhead remote with FCC ID HYQ12BBY, you should search by the make, model and year of your vehicle. Here is an example of 4Runner keyhead remote:

Link to Toyota 2010-12 4Runner keyhead remote with FCC ID HYQ12BBY.

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